New Year’s Eve With a Baby - 3 Ways to Celebrate


Is this your first New Year’s Eve with the baby? That’s perfectly natural that you are wondering what to do on that day. Of course - it also depends on how you used to spend this special night before. Do you like big fancy parties in the ballroom? A small party with friends? Or a weekend in some lovely cottage house? Even though most of those plans may seem unrealizable without a babysitter (which won’t be easy to find that day), you have some options there!

1. Another parents couples party

I bet you have some friends with kids the same age. Let’s celebrate together! Just pick the one with the biggest house and have a kid-friendly party. Depending on kid’s age - you can meet early and let your kids play together for a while, then blow some noisemakers and throw some confetti (you may do it at 8 - they won’t notice!) and… put them to beds. Or you can put the baby to sleep first and meet later with kids already sleeping in bassinets.

If your babies are sleep trained - they won’t mind changing the bedroom for a few hours.

2. Romantic night in

If you don’t need a big party, you could enjoy a late night romantic candlelit dinner at home. Especially if you haven’t had time/energy/motivation to do it in a long time! Use New Year’s Eve with a baby as an excuse for some quality couple time. Enjoy a little glass of champagne, share a midnight kiss, and call it a night!

3. Car picnic

You want it to be more special? Take a car seat and picnic basket! Choose a place uptown with a beautiful view. Pack a picnic food, some toasty hot chocolate in a flask and tiny bottle of bubbles. While the baby will sleep in the back, you and your partner can have a romantic evening in the car watching all the fireworks all around!

Just remember - after New Year’s Eve with a baby you will be woken up at 6 AM no matter how late you stayed up or how much Champagne you drank. The good thing is - if you start your sleep training right now, your baby will know how to self-soothe before the New Year’s Eve which can be really helpful.

Just grab my ‘How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone’ guide and start right away.

Susan Urban

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