Baby Gift Ideas - 3 Ideas For Baby’s 1st Christmas


Baby gift ideas is a vast topic. You can always but age-appropriate toys of any kind. But most babies have more than enough teddy bears. Of course, yours may turn out to be the favorite one for years. But most of the time, it’s not the case.

Also, a few months old baby doesn’t even get the concept of gifts anyway. So what to give a baby who doesn’t understand what’s even going on, and who probably doesn’t actually need any more stuffed animals?

Educational toys

Toys that will help them grow smart, and will help their parents keep them occupied - like activity mat or folding gym.

There are numbers of designs to choose from. Those mats help to develop motor skills and are just fun to lay on - with rustling textiles and colorful elements; kids love those.

Just make sure that parents have enough space to use the mat first.

Useful stuff

Since the baby is not exactly interested in any kind of presents, looking for baby gift ideas - think about their parent’s needs. Beautifully designed wrap-carriers are nice and useful. Or maybe they have a small apartment, and the foldable baby bathtub is what they need? Visit them and observe for a while!

Babysitting coupons

You can give the baby your time! In fact, it’s a gift for parents, but I’m sure the baby won’t mind. Handmade coupon for free babysitting evening is a perfect gift for young parents.

Since you’re looking for baby gift ideas - you may also like to buy „How to create order in your child’s room” book for parents too! This book busts the myth that chaos is an eternal part of raising a baby. It will bring relief to your friends after Christmas when kids will probably get loads of new stuff.

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