Pacifier Weaning 3 Tips


You can do this! Or as I prefer - your baby can do this!

Since you’re looking for pacifier weaning tips, you probably decided that is time to get rid of it finally. First thing I say on the topic - you can help your child give it up, but you cannot do it for them. And how to help? By pointing your baby in the right direction!

Here are some tips:

Do this as a team

Get everyone on board! Mommy, daddy, siblings. Everyone should be aware of the trial, stay supportive and… consistent. Also - you need to talk with all adults involved - grandparents, aunts, and daycare. Once you have a rule - there are no exceptions.

Baby steps for babies

You don’t need to go big time. You can start with naps or with taking the comforter away while the baby is already asleep. But again, you need to be consistent - if there is no pacifier at naps, it applies to every nap a day. It depends on the baby. Sometimes it is better just to give it a cut, but for sensitive babies, it may seem like too much to handle. You have time; there is no need to hurry.

Praise a lot

It is a hard time for the baby. They need to know you appreciate the effort and are proud of them. Be generous with praising - with words, gestures, maybe even little rewards. For the baby, it should seem like a big success, maybe first one this big and fully aware in their entire life!

If you’d like to get to know some overall methods - I wrote the whole guide about it: How to help your child give up the pacifier. There are several methods you can choose from! Depending on age, and how gently you want it to be… But you will surely find something for you.

Fingers crossed!

Susan Urban

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