Home Birth - Yes or No?


Planned home birth can be a rewarding experience. But it’s important to consider the benefits but also understand the risks of this option. OF course, you need to confirm it is a considerable option for you, with your doctor.

The home birth means you’ll give birth at home instead of a hospital or birthing center. It doesn’t mean you’re going to do this on your own, without a nurse, midwife and a doctor. You’ll still need the assistance of experienced and qualified personnel during labor and delivery.


* You have more control over the experience and deliver in a familiar setting.

There is less likely you’ll be surprised by anything. First of all - you’ll feel more relaxed in your own place since the beginning. On the other hand - a medical escort is entirely focused on you.

* Religious or cultural considerations can be taken into account.

An experience like this is well grounded in birthing history and goes along with every belief.

* No pressure to use medications/interventions.

You can take your time. There is no pressure to quicken the process. Everything can go naturally like planned.


* Insurance may not cover any associated costs.

Home birth may cost you money. It all depends on your health insurance and the hospital prices how much, but it will always be more expensive than giving birth at the hospital.

* You could still be transferred to the hospital in the event of an emergency.

You need to be prepared that something goes wrong. Always. Consider how far from the hospital you’re planning your birth-giving and decide if it is safe enough in case of any accidents.

* Home birth can be messy, so it’s best to be supplied with plastic sheets and clean towels.

It’s not exactly like in TV shows; I think you know that. Mess in the hospital is going to be sterilized by medical staff, the mess in your house is yours.

Home birth will also require a lot of preparation. A private, peaceful space is essential - you need to arrange the area, decide if you want anyone to attend this magical moment.

Whatever scenery you’re planning for giving birth - think about next steps too. I highly recommend reading my „How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy” book. It will get you prepared for the first feeding - that’s taking place right after delivery, and all of the next feeding you’re going to have.

Susan Urban

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