Pacifier - Yes Or No?


Parents (especially moms) are divided into pro-pacifier and anti-pacifier groups of support.

A rubbery, silicone or latex nipple, can cause a lot of discussions and… nerves!

Sucking impulse is a fact. Some of it is satisfied with breastfeeding. Pacifier use actually allows baby to suck more rapidly — two sucks per second, compared to one suck per second while feeding — and satisfies the need much faster.

Let’s see significant pros and cons, to decide if you need one or not.


- Reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

It is said by The American Academy of Pediatrics that pacifier use when putting a baby down for sleep may help to reduce SIDS. However, you should never attach one to the neck or crib with a strap, because of a choking danger.

- Distracts during stress.

Pacifier use during unpleasant and near-to-cry situations can help make the baby less upset. Some even say it may reduce the pain level.

- Helps with ear pressure.

Pacifier used while air traveling may help with pressure issues. The sucking motion of the jaw provides a shift in the middle ear, when the plane is going up or descending, giving a relief.


- Dental problems.

Long-term pacifier use, especially low-quality ones, can affect the shape of the teeth and mouth. That is why you should stop using a pacifier by the age of 2.

- Risk of ear infections.

There is a study, showing some connection between pacifier use and ear infections. The theory says, that when a baby sucks and swallows, a change in pressure behind the ear may shift fluids into the middle ear and cause an infection.

- Too much dependence.

Unfortunately, pacifier use can become addictive to babies and toddlers. It may be really problematic to get rid of a pacifier. If the baby is used to it, and feel it helps, he won’t be interested in giving it up.

The last con is the main reason people don’t decide on using the pacifier. Even though, the pros seem stronger in this case. What you need is a good strategy for giving it up. In my ‚How to help your child give up a pacifier’ guide, I show a bunch of options of getting rid of the pacifier. There are methods for younger and older kids. Take a look if this is stopping you from trying.

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