Baby Sleep Sounds - What’s Best?

Baby Sleep Sounds - What’s Best?


Baby sleep sounds are a thing. While in the womb, the baby is used to hearing a lot of sounds. Outside world noises might be a little bit blurred with the inner sounds of mother’s organism though. Various methods are advised to help your baby sleep, and a lot of them involved using sounds.

Some of you probably already realized – how magically soporific riding a car is. What else should work well?

Home sounds

Probably the oldest technique - household sounds, made by home appliances, like hairdryer, vacuum cleaner or washing machine. Those were sounds used by our mothers and grandmothers to sooth us probably - ask them!

Sounds made by those are rhythmic, regular, with constant volume level. Although using household goods on baby’s demand may not be the perfect solution.

Nature sounds

Some experts say that using the most natural sounds works best as baby sleep sounds. You can use any recording of waves, forest, birds or other nature-sounds you have recorded or particularly like. Just remember, those should be gentle enough not to arouse little one’s interest but guarantee non-silent sleep environment. For the reason of building associations – you should not use the same sounds during the playtime.

White noise

My favorite proposition of baby sleep sounds is an imitation of mother’s rhythmic heartbeat and breathing and the steady sounds of blood rushing. The magical white noise!

You can download the app for that or buy a special device. Some humidifiers also may act as white noise transmitter.

If you want to get to know other tricks, besides baby sleep sounds, helping your newborn to sleep better - check out first chapters of my ‘How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone’ guide. There are several actions you may take for your newborn to become a sleeping angel.

Good luck!

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