How To Travel With a Baby


You’re tired of people telling you that you cannot travel with a baby and you won’t have a proper vacation for a long time? It doesn’t have to be true!

It’s all the matter of maintaining your baby’s sleep schedule and making some adjustments. Of course, you need to be better organized and carry a bunch of baby stuff around, but you can handle that.

Time of travel

The first thing to plan is the timing of the travel itself - whether it’s a plane trip or a car journey. It would be best to have a baby asleep while traveling. If it’s up to you-you're lucky! If not, your family need to plan earlier enough to adjust naps schedule.

I highly recommend you taking a sleep training before vacation. When your baby learns how to sooth on its own - most of the babies can nap basically anywhere! With Hold With Love method, it will only take half an hour to read a book, a few nights of training, and can save you some serious trouble on the way.


It would be best to be able to adjust your schedule to your baby’s naps time. If the baby needs a quiet room - you obviously can arrange the time between naps. If you’re going to a fancy hotel - you may be able to take advantage of the time spent in the hotel as well!

If the baby is after sleep training, you need to provide quiet conditions for falling asleep. Plan a museum instead of the street market at a time.

What can help?

When you travel with a baby, there are the certain things that may help. Accessories that your baby uses to sooth must go with you! The favorite lovey, blanket or even a giant teddy bear… Well known object will help your little traveler to adapt to the new surroundings.

I hope you have a wonderful trip together. Also remember - the more you travel, the more your baby gets used to changing the environment.

Susan Urban

Matthew UrbanComment