How To Balance Life As a Mom - 3 tips


If you’re expecting and wondering if your life is going to change, the answer is YES. It will change dramatically. Your baby will become the most precious and essential matter in your life. But you should not give up your life because of that! You may need to focus on the motherhood for a while, but you need to believe - you can have your life, having a baby. It won’t look the same, you won’t have so much time, but you need to extract some you-time.

1. Start with simple things

At the beginning, there are days you simply forget to eat. Taking care of a newborn may be time-consuming and exhausting. But you need to take care of yourself too. One step at a time: make sure you take your meds, remember to drink water (I like to have bottles everywhere at home, especially breastfeeding places) and… take a nap when the baby is sleeping!

2. Organize yourself

If you have little time for yourself, being well-organized helps a lot. If you have your baby on a schedule, plan nap-times and feeding times. Maybe you need to read something important? You can do it while breastfeeding! Check an e-mail? Do it during first nap-time a day.

3. Ask for help

No-one is excepting you to take care of a baby 100% of the time! You can, and should, ask for help. Your partner in crime - baby’s father - should be extra helpful. Probably your parents will be thrilled to take care of a baby sometimes. You can also take shifts with some friends or neighbors to take care of each other’s babies once in a while. If those are not options - find a nanny. This may not be easy to leave your child with a stranger at first. But there are associations of nannies you can trust; you can also ask your friends for recommendations.

If you’re afraid of handling everything on your own - I would recommend you to read all of my guides. It will help you to be better prepared, you will know what to expect, and when to expect it. Knowing that - you can start planning your new life right away!

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