How To Make Your Own Baby Food


First of all - do you need to make your own baby food?

It is not necessary - there are plenty of brands to choose from. But the only way you are hundred percent sure what your baby is eating is to prepare the food yourself.

The other strong pro is the fact, that it is much cheaper. It just takes a bit of your time instead.

How to make your own baby food?

The first thing is… the research. You need to know, what your baby should eat. What age is your baby now? Is this the first solid food that you’re planning or you’ve used jars before and wanted to stop? Everything you need to know on the topic, you’ll find in ‚How to introduce solid food to your baby’ guide.

You need to remember - veggies go first!

Once your little one tries fruits, there is no way back to vegetables. Fruits are naturally sweet and will surely be liked by the kid. With veggies, it may take a while, but you need to give it a try.

How to start?

You need to remember - your baby’s stomach is gentle and not expecting any experiments. That is why you have to take special care of the products you use making your own baby food. Always choose fresh products, without any blemish. Wash every veggie and fruit before peeling and get rid of any seeds and pits.

If you’re preparing raw food - like banana or avocado - you just need to make sure that is it appropriately smashed, and the texture is smooth.

Veggies, meat or fish - you need to cook. Steam-cooking would be better than boiling since it helps maintain the nutrients best. After that, you should use a blender or mash everything to obtain mousse structure.

How about spices?

Don’t use any spices until the age of 6 months. It may seem tasteless to you, but your baby is just learning the taste of the products now!

Do you need to do it every day?

No - you can freeze the meal and heat it later! Just remember to freeze the food right away it’s cold. If you have non-animal products, you can keep it in a fridge for a day or two.

Does it seem complicated to make your own baby food? Maybe a little time-consuming, but your baby’s belly is worth it! And I assure you - my guide about solid foods ‘How to introduce solid foods to your baby” will show you everything you need. Good luck and Bon appetite!

Susan Urban

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