Baby Food Delivery - Pros and Cons

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Baby food delivery may seem like a dream, especially for working mothers. But let’s take a look - is this really such a good idea? I’ve analyzed the pros and cons of baby food delivery for you.

Con: Ingredients

It is tough decisions about feeding your baby. How about sugar? Maybe you should be eating organic. Millennial parents care more and more about knowing what goes into their food and are more open to trying services that help with annoying daily tasks. You can read the label, but the only way to be sure about the quality of ingredients is making food on your own. 

Pro: Balanced meal-plan

You can be almost sure your baby will receive all the nutrients they need since those meal-plans are supposed to be prepared by the specialist. You don’t have to analyze how to balance the components anymore. 

Pro: Less shopping

Shopping with kids is harder than jugglery sometimes! Even with a list, you may not be able to buy everything you need at one stop easily. Grocery store, meat shop, pharmacy… Meal-delivery startups will shop for you! 

Con: Price

Baby food delivery is a premium service, that not everyone can afford. You would probably never spend that much on a portion of baby food you can prepare at home. Paying for the baby food delivery also means paying for the dietician, making a menu and of course, the delivery itself.

Pro: Personalization

Most baby food delivery programs allow you to personalize your little one’s menu. You declare when the child was born, their birth height and weight if they were delivered by C-section or if they have any food allergies…

Con: A lot of plastic 

Baby food delivery, as every food delivery, causes a ton of excess packaging, that you won’t produce at home. 

There is no right answer if you should try baby food delivery. It seems like a helpful service but always remember - your baby’s health is most important!

Susan Urban