Breastfeeding Pain - What to Do?

Breastfeeding pain is something that should not happen. Several reasons may cause unpleasant feelings; some of them are easy to solve; others require visiting a specialist.

What are the most common situations causing the issue? What should you do if you’re feeling discomfort during breastfeeding? 

First things first

The first thing to do - check your baby’s latch. Your baby not latching correctly is number one of the most likely causes of breastfeeding pain. Luckily - it is also the one that you can fix pretty quickly. 

Breastfeeding problems don’t mean you are doing something wrong; you and your baby just need a little practice!


Try different breastfeeding positions. In my How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy, you will find few different methods of breastfeeding with drawings. A back-lying, cross-cradle, or football hold may take the pressure off the most painful areas of your breast. You can also read the whole guide, just to be sure you’re doing everything right.

Take good care

Wipe damaged nipples gently with several pieces of water-moistened cotton wool after feeding to remove any debris that could lead to infection. Always remember to protect your nipples. Consider wearing breast shells, preventing your clothes from rubbing against sore areas.

Soothe your nipples. Gently apply a few drops of your own breast milk or natural moisturizer of any kind. 

Free your boobs!

Seriously. Air-drying nipples help to cure the infection.

Mental approach

Be patient. In the first days, soreness is normal; your body needs to get used to breastfeeding. Most probably, your breastfeeding pain will go away in just a few days! Your baby, you and your nipples will eventually get used to a new situation. 

Although, if you can see something is wrong, or you used to breastfeed previously, and now you can tell that the problem is something else then improper latching, don’t hesitate to contact a doctor! 

Susan Urban