Summer Pregnancy Must Haves


Summer pregnancy can be troublesome! Summertime heat mixed with pregnancy hormones and extra weight is not a dream scenario. Although there is a bright side - you don’t have to try to pull on winter boots and fit in a down jacket!

I have gathered a few things I find useful during summer pregnancy, check out the list.

Maxi dresses

Not necessarily maternity dresses - many of regular loose maxi dresses will work! Maxi length covers swollen legs entirely, giving you thermal and mental comfort.

Adjustable flip flops

First too all - no need of bending down at all. Just feel those with your feet, and you’re ready to go. Why adjustable? Your legs and feet will be swollen more on a hot day. Pinching shoe is the last thing you need during a summer pregnancy.

Larger underwear

Even if you can stick to your standard size, the bigger one will give you some extra breeze, which can be nice on a hot day! Remember to find 100% cotton for maximum comfort.

Water bottle

Drinking water helps. And you should probably drink even more often than you remember. I believe then new cute bottle can motivate. Also, try putting water bottles in every room you hang out during the day. Water is going to make you feel better, cool you off and also help with swelling.

Short books/e-books

You won’t be able to concentrate for a long time and re-reading may be frustrating. Try reading short books of any kind, maybe try short stories? I recommend reading my guides in a nutshell on parenting. Perfect for expecting! Start with How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy, but you can go for all of them at once!

Juice popsicles

You will love those! Frozen juice can be a day-saver during summer pregnancy! You can buy those or make on your own with your favorite ingredients. Either way - there is always too little.

It may get uncomfortably hot out there but prepare yourself well and be thankful for summer pregnancy!

Susan Urban