What to Dress Baby in For Bed in Hot Weather?


How to dress your baby in bed in hot weather may be a problem when you are a brand new mom and heat wave comes! Overheating your child may be dangerous, so it is very important to be well-prepared for the summer.


The first question is, what is your baby wearing now to sleep? Nappy, vest and sleepsuit or just a nappy and wrapping? The more layers you have now, the more options you get in a heatwave. It also depends on how warm the weather is.


The key is to remove additional bedding. In the heat, your baby will only need a sheet as bedding. If he still seems hot, it's okay for him to sleep in his vest or just his nappy.

Think about removing any waterproof sheets while the weather is hot - those are not breathable.


If you are not living in a crazy-loud neighborhood - open windows. If it is still too hot - open windows and doors in several rooms to allow a through-breeze. You could also try using a fan in your baby's room before his bedtime. This will make the place friendly and cool by the time you lie him down to sleep. Of course, you have to turn the fan off before you put your baby down for sleep, or even get to the room.

Keep curtains drawn, and blinds closed during the day to prevent the sun from heating up his room.


Asking yourself what to dress a baby for hot weather is not only about dressing up! Taking a cooler than usual bath before bed may help. Just remember your baby will be sweaty and clammy - it is a natural way to regulate their temperature.


Even though increasing fluids may interrupt the night and cause late-peeing, your baby's health is the most important. Breast milk is as hydrating as water so no additional water is required for breastfed babies, though that may need increased feeds. Formula fed babies should be offered cooled boiled water in excessive heat.


Sweating is natural and is a way for our bodies to cool us down. [Interesting fact: The dampness on our skin actually helps us to pick up the coolness from any moving air]. But you'll find some babies sweat more than others. If your baby feels very sweaty, check to see how hot she is.

When planning what to dress baby in for bed in hot weather, also think about your baby's ability to self-soothe. It is highly possible that your baby will wake up sooner than you're planned and will wake up repeatedly. Consider using my How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone before the summer comes!

Susan Urban