Baby Food Jars - How to Choose?

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Baby food jars are a quick and easy way to feed your baby. They are starting with one-ingredient only up to fanciful veggie dishes for little princesses and sweet desserts for fussy pirates. Just buy a lot of jars during weekly shopping, and you’re all set.

Is this really that simple? What to look for in the jars and are those healthy for the baby?

Always check the ingredients

Yes, there are established standards that baby food jars need to meet. Although you should always read the label! The flavor that you can read in the front doesn’t always exactly match the ingredients list.

In fact, most of the time the main ingredient is just water, so you’re paying a lot of money for canned water.

Also, you never know the quality of the used products, and that is just disturbing.

Organic baby food jars

If you’d like your baby to eat more reliable food, use organic brands. This way you will avoid any unnecessary chemical additives. Organic food is supposed to comply with higher standards; however, those requirements differ worldwide.

Also, some analysis shows that even organic food may contain some heavy metals in the package (mainly because of farming and manufacturing practices and natural pollution).

Homemade food

The best option is homemade food. It may not be such convenient as buying baby food jars, but your baby’s health and safety is the most important thing. And it is vast money saving! In exchange for your time of course.

If you’d like to start preparing baby food on your own, take a look at my How to introduce solid foods to your baby. You will find a whole schedule of introducing specific products and many tips.

The best thing that you have from baby food jars are jars itself! Those tiny little jars are very useful in the kitchen and to store little objects like buttons or pins. But yet talking about the food – it is worth to make an effort of preparing it on your own.

Susan Urban