Breastfeeding Pillow - Facts and Myths

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Breastfeeding pillow appears on „New mom’s must-have” lists for a while now. Is this really necessary accessory? What is the best shape? When would you use that? I’ll try to bring the topic closer to your mind.

Every mother needs breastfeeding pillow - MYTH

In fact, most mothers don’t need a pillow. Seriously, mothers have been breastfeeding babies for ages now. Increasing comfort is important, and there are some useful mom-gadgets, but this one is at a very bottom of the must-have list.

C-shaped soft pillows are best - TRUTH

If you decide to buy a pillow - soft C-shaped pillows may be useful. You can use it for breastfeeding but also for placing a baby safely on the bed or changing table. Some mothers used to sleep with those during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding pillow with help a baby latch properly - MYTH

In fact, it may cause right the opposite! Laying your baby on the pillow can make it difficult for him to latch. Your baby’s head is too hight and not facing the right direction. You need to pay attention to it.

Pillow may be useful for your comfort - TRUTH

If your pillow is not too big and doesn’t affect the baby’s positioning, it may be very comfy to lay your arm on. Just make sure that your baby latched first. Also, placing it behind your back may help to keep your spine relaxed.

Bad positioning with a pillow may cause sore nipples - TRUTH

If your baby is not able to latch correctly, it will cause trouble for both of you. Baby won’t be getting enough food, and your nipples will probably go sore and painful.

Before you buy your breastfeeding pillow, try natural positioning first. Try even a few different positions! You can check my How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy guide; there are the most common positions with notes and drawings. Of course, breastfeeding your child is natural, but it is better to be well-prepared!

Susan Urban