Baby bath fun time? It’s possible!


Make baby bath fun time! There are kids feeling like dolphins in the water right away. But some of them are just afraid and don’t feel secure. How to make bath time fun? We have some ideas!

You should also remember it is an essential element of a bedtime routine. You can read more about establishing a routine in How to teach a baby to fall asleep guide. It will help you a lot!

Sensual experience

The simple act of bathing may be a significant sensory experience! Just use your imagination and the things you already have in the bathroom. Tickle your little one's senses. Try touching different textures — a bath sponge, a wet washcloth, a dry towel, or shaving cream!

Bath toys

Bath toys can transform the entire experience into a playtime! You just need to pick the best ones for your baby. First, you’ll need colorful waterproof objects, suction jellies or balls. When baby gets older - you can have books, boats, ducks and even spray stations with water tricks! It is an excellent distraction from the water fear.

Baby bath towels

If your baby cannot enjoy the bath time, try making going out of the tub fun. There are many fun baby towels - with hoodies, bear-ears or superhero style - whatever you need.

Jump in!

Do you have a full-size bathtub? That’s going to be baby bath fun time! Jump in with your little one! It’s the best way of calming your baby if scared. It also is the perfect way of bonding - belly to belly. Cuddly bath time together would be relaxing both for you and the baby. Just remember to be super careful while getting out, get some help if needed.

Making baby bath time fun is not that hard. Make sure to accustom your baby with water as early as possible, to avoid future problems.

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