Baby Sleep Songs


Baby sleep songs exist for ages! Your mother was probably singing lullabies to you, and your grandmother was singing to your mom’s crib. What is the use of baby sleep songs nowadays?

Do you need it?

Music helps with brain development. That's because listening to music involves both hemispheres at once. Also, music therapy is proven to reduce stress and even pain level. Sometimes you may be able to change the mood (your and babies) with just happy music.

There is also the fact that memorizing songs, since the very young age, will help your baby to learn later.

So even if you’re not a born singer, you should give it a try and make music a part of your babies childhood.

When to start?

Is the first weeks of life, the most desired sounds are those known from the womb: blood pressure and heartbeat. You should use those while putting a baby to sleep. You can read more about it my How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone guide.

It doesn’t mean you should have musical plays during the playtime! Turning the radio on and dancing with baby on your hand will give you some magical moments of bonding!

Baby sleep songs, classical music or pop?

The answer is everything! Use every music you like, test, play again, sing and observe your little one’s reactions. Play cheerful songs or your favorite artist during the day, classical in the evening.

Sleep songs are supposed to be calming. You can download some free lullabies online or buy some nice selection to play.

But do you know what the best baby sleep song is? The one that you are singing! And also it doesn’t really matter if it is a family baby sleep song or a „fake lullaby” like your favorite rock ballad. Any song will work. The baby won’t judge you. It’s good to make it part of a sleep schedule with your toddler.

My and my girls favorite is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was never a good singer, but there was a time my girl wouldn’t sleep without hearing my sharping voice!

Susan Urban