Why You Failed Sleep Training Your Child?

You think you’ve tried everything and it just did not work? You started sleep training that was supposed to last three days, and it did not work? I have some ideas - why you’ve failed.


No method

You have read some articles and tried to do it your way? You need to have a method that works!
There are certain methods that you can choose from. There is a chance your baby is a good sleeper, and you have good intuition, and you may teach a baby to fall asleep alone with no method. But it would make you two the minority. Most of the babies need The Method. Set of activities to follow, that is grounded in child psychology and most of all - proven to work.


Wrong method

There are several methods to try out. You can choose the one that fits you best - Cry-It-Out method or No-Cry-It-Out (like mine Hold With Love), with a lot of physical contact or not. Most of the methods work in just a few days. But first, you need to be sure that the method you chose feels best for you and your baby.
You can also check some online reviews on the method before or ask in Motherhood Support Groups online.


Stay consistent

Whatever method you choose, if you don’t want to fail sleep training, you need to stay consistent. It is the key to success! Seriously. You cannot stop, because you’re tired or busy. You should be prepared to sacrifice few nights for sleep training, stay strong and follow the method.

If the method you chose is suitable for you and the baby - you need to succeed! I do believe that every parent can sleep train the baby, it is just the matter of time. The younger baby is, the easier it should go. That is why I recommend applying HWL method as soon as you can.

Susan Urban

Matthew UrbanComment