Dads Can Help Breastfeeding - 5 Tips

Dads can help breastfeeding in many ways. And I don’t mean feeding with formula! Even if you decided to breastfeed your baby (best decision ever! congratulations), your partner could be really helpful. Certain things need to be done, but you don’t need to do them on your own. Also, emotional support will be very important, especially in the first few weeks, when your hormones are still going from zero to crazy every hour.
What should they do?


1. Be supportive

This may sound cheesy, but it really is essential. Dad should be there for you. Be kind and supportive, telling you’re doing great and asking about your well being. When you become a mother, you think mostly about your baby and are likely to forget about your own needs simply. Let him do the job of taking care of you when you’re taking care of your newborn.


2. Provide water and snacks

At the beginning, breastfeeding will take a significant part of your day. You may want to focus on latching and feeding at first fully, but then - when it gets normal - you should use that time for yourself. Let your partner provide you water and prepare some snacks that you can have around while breastfeeding.


3. Build bedtime routine

Evening feeding should be a part of „bedtime routine”. Let the dad continue the routine: bath the baby and swaddle before sleeping. If you need more information about this - check out my another guide: „How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone”.


4. Use a bottle

Dad also can… breastfeed. If you’re using a pump, you can prepare breast milk and feed from the bottle. If you do so, a father can try to feed. Baby may be confused at first, but you should stay consistent.


5. Learn more

The more man know about breastfeeding, the more he can understand. You should talk to him, tell him how you feel, if it comes easily to you or not. In fact, it would be best if you’ve both read the Breastfeeding guide („How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy”) and then talk. He will obviously have a lot of questions but try to be emphatic!

As you can see - you are irreplaceable for the baby, but you are not alone. Dads can help breastfeeding and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Man can be intimidated or just unaware of possibilities.

Susan Urban

Matthew UrbanComment