Order in child’s room is not a myth, you can do that!

The best part is – your baby can do that too!

It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting a baby and planning how to organize the child’s room or having a toddler living in chaos – you should know this method. It is applicable at any age, even though it may consume a bit more time with an older baby, I promise it is totally worth it.

You just need to figure out two things to success: a system of boxes and how to convince your kid to keep it up.



The Box System is what I call it. It as easy as it sounds – you need few different colors of types of boxes for a different kind of stuff. There are many types of boxes on the market – simple, colorful carton boxes, plastic boxes with cartoon characters on it, baskets and multiple containers. You can choose whatever you want – just make sure there is a visible difference between the types.


Make it fun

Putting toys and other things away may be fun too! This is the secret trick to convince your child to give it a try. You need to have fun while cleaning up after playing, make it part of the fun time. Don’t be afraid to be goofy or looking stupid – it’s even better that way!

When it works – you can more or less lay on the habit.


In the book “How to create order in your child’s room” you will find tips on getting started in a different age, how to start and how to how to stay consistent. I also give you multiple tips for toys organization and fun mini-games for tidying time. The small steps method I show you in the book should work for any child and you will be happy to enjoy time spent together in a clean and tidy home again. I know you cannot wait!

Susan Urban


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