Baby loving going potty? Let the dream come true!

Baby loving going potty? Let the dream come true!


Would you like your baby to start going potty but you don’t know how to start? Maybe you’ve already begun to, quickly failed and gave up? It is time for successful potty training now!

It may go very smoothly if you have a method to follow and stay consistent. My method is practice-based, and if you follow, training should be stress-free for the baby! There are some basics here to see my approach to potty training.


No stress

Expecting a baby to start using potty may be a lot. This is why you should do everything you can to keep your baby cheerful while training. It is crucial to make using the potty enjoyable time for them – not just sit them on the potty, stare and wait. You can play a little game or attract little one with the story. Also, to keep a positive attitude, you should always praise the child if it’s doing good but don’t criticize.


Don’t ask too often

Saying out loud that baby needs to pee is something new during the training. You need to give your little one some time to process and accept this change. If you ask too often, they will answer “no” without even thinking, and you will come to the dead end.



As always – consistency is the key to success. Even if it means cleaning a lot and changing kid’s clothes few times a day – once you’ve started, you should keep on going. Remember to prepare yourself for some more work while starting.

Of course, there are some indicators to stop and try again some other time and you need to know how to recognize them.

If you’d like to know exactly what to do, how to prepare your child and how to act yourself during the training – “How to Make Your Child Love Going Potty” will help. I gathered all the essential information on just a few pages. I believe if you recognize the moment for the training right, you will succeed in days!


Susan Urban

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