Breastfeeding Positions - My Favorites

Once you start breastfeeding you will find your (and your baby’s) favorite position very fast. But you need to know how to start. For those who are preparing to be a mother analyzing breastfeeding positions is an important step. You will probably assume what you should find most comfortable. Initially breastfeeding will take the lion's share of your time, that is why you need to stay comfortable. The other aspect is proper latching - you both need to figure out the position that helps your little one latch on correctly. It is worthwhile knowing the possibilities beforehand, but you need to remember the final choice is to be made together with the baby. Set yourself in such a way as not to feel tension or pain.

Sitting positions are best to try out in a comfortable armchair, but a sofa with pillows will also do the trick. The most basic, and also very common, a position is „the classic” one. The full name is Cradle Hold and is a very easy attempt.

You need to sit comfortably and lean back. Position your baby on the same side as the breast from which you are going to feed, in the bend of your elbow. It looks like if you wanted to cuddle the baby’s tummy to yours, but baby’s hips, ears, and shoulders should be aligned. To stay effortless for a longer period (and it may take a while!), you can place a pillow under the arm holding the baby. Support your baby’s back with your forearm. It is best to perform this position at home, but it so handy, it works well when you are out too.

Nice, and also easy, alternative is Cross-Cradle Hold. Basics are the same, but the opposite arm supports a baby to the breast from which they are nursing. If you are feeding from the left breast, hold the baby’s head with your right hand. Sometimes this position may turn out more accessible for the baby, supporting proper latching. Although, you may need an additional cushion for support. As you can see, the main difference is the arrangement of your arms. Thanks to that, other muscles are involved; that is why this position may be helpful, bringing relief, alternative, especially at the beginning.

This technique I love for night feedings. It may require some practice, but it is handy so don’t give up if it doesn’t come naturally. It is called Side-Lying Hold, and the novelty here is that both you are the baby are lying down. You will need some pillows for support; breastfeeding pillows are best, but regular ones will be enough as well. Lie comfortably on your side with your back is supported. Situate your baby in front of you: your tummies touching, baby face toward your breast. The baby’s legs should be slightly bent. It is my most favorite position, not only during the night. You can have a little nap-time!

Those are just a few of my favorite breastfeeding positions, most common among young moms. You can find some more in my breastfeeding guide „How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy”. There are also another tips that may help you prepare. And remember - your comfort is crucial. That is why you should prepare a glass of drinking water, something to read or listen (audiobooks are a great idea!) and comfy pillows. You will probably also need your phone and… something to snack on!


Susan Urban

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