What Do You Need to Know Before Sleep Training?

So you’ve decided to sleep train your baby. Congratulations!

Here is everything you need to know before starting the main process.


Is your baby ready?

The HWL method is used for children over the age of three months. You should not try to start the training sooner since your baby’s brain is not ready. Right after „fourth trimester” is the right time, the little one should be able to deal with changes we want him to be introduced to. But if you have any doubts or your child isn’t developing like average - ask your pediatrician before sleep training, just to be sure.

There is no upper limit of age. Although the sooner, the better, because the older the baby becomes, the stronger the habits become, and it gets more challenging to give them up. As a consequence, training may take more time.


When to start?

As soon as you want to have your first slept-through night again!

But seriously, it may be better to start on the weekend. First few nights may seem long, and you will have a lot of work to do. It works best if you and your partner can concentrate on the method, not getting up for work in a few hours.


How long will it take?

For most babies, teaching to fall asleep alone, would take just a few nights. Although every child is different and there is no easy answer to that question. Every second night will the easier than the previous one. But you need to be prepared that some regression may occur.



Consistency is the key to your (and your child’s) success! You could never stop the training, for whatever reason. That’s why you need to get to know your method of choice well before sleep training. You should always know what the next step will be, how to react and what to expect.


I highly recommend using Hold With Love method described in m my guide "How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone". It is very gentle for the baby and easy for you to implement. You get short, simple instructions to follow in a nutshell. I am sure you will cope with sleeping issues, and your baby will be able to fall asleep alone in just a few days. Good luck!


Susan Urban