Is Breastfeeding Pleasant and Easy?

I firmly believe it can and should be; therefore I try to show you why is that and how to achieve that in my “How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy” guide.

First of all, you need to have a positive attitude. The success of breastfeeding depends very much on your self-confidence. If you want to breastfeed, be confident it will work and it will be pleasant and easy.


Shorter postpartum period

Breastfeeding will help you during the postpartum period, because when a woman breastfeeds, her body produces oxytocin – love hormone, which is responsible for the milk flow and the contracting of the uterus. Thanks to that the risk of postpartum hemorrhage is also reduced.


The most natural way

It is the natural way of feeding newborn, known since the beginning of human existence. You have probably heard the opinion many times that since breastfeeding is natural, you do not have to prepare for it. Preparation is definitely needed to breastfeed. The fact of reading breastfeeding guide will make you confident and able to handle this seemingly simple act of natural feeding.


Returning to your body shape before pregnancy

Milk production takes a significant toll on the body. During one single day, a breastfeeding woman’s body burns up to hundreds of calories and it will help you get in shape faster.


Strong bond with the baby

You get to have a lot of belly-to-belly contact with your baby, which creates a special bond. You may sometimes get tired of being irreplaceable, but in fact, it is electrifying for the ego! Daddy will feel a twinge of envy for you sometimes.


It just is pleasant

Even if you are weary sometimes, when you start breastfeeding and feel that sweet-smelling, soft, warm infant snuggled against your skin and sucking and looking up at you is relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable. There’s really nothing else quite like it.


I can only encourage you to breastfeed, saying it is the best and most comfortable solution. In my guide, you will find the most important aspects of natural feeding and many practical tips. I hope you will follow my lead.

Susan Urban


Matthew UrbanComment