Sleep training baby - why Hold With Love method works

Hold With Love method was created to help parents and babies to understand and deal with sleeping issues. This simple method can change a life of the family in just few days without causing any harm.

Sleep training is the process of helping a baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. When looking for the sleep training method you should choose the one that feels best both for you and the baby, and I can tell that book “How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone” gives you method like this.


Good for the parent

HWL method is easy, fast, and most importantly, not harmful to your child.

In this book, you can find recommendations for helping baby sleep since the very beginning. The main training starts at month 4, when you get the step-by-step instruction (which is the easiest way to follow) on just few pages. You don’t spend much time on reading, just acting. There is no space for misunderstanding rules or missing a part; you can be sure you can do this.

The best thing is – the HWL is No Cry It Out method. You keep the contact with your child and don’t leave the baby alone to self-sooth in tears. Thanks to that, there is no space for guilt for you! If you have no doubts – it helps you to stay consistent, follow the steps and success pretty fast.


Good for the baby

Newborns need rocking and shushing, but as they grow, they become more and more able to self-soothe. If you follow the process with right knowledge – sleep training is just pointing baby to the right direction.


In Hold With Love method sleep training a baby is part of a process. You follow tips for 4th trimesters first, establish routine, and then you apply the main training. Baby has time to process changes and finally – to accept them. Babies aren’t always happy about changing habits, which is why physical contact and parent’s support is so essential in Hold With Love method.


Hold With Love is the sleep training method, which is very easy for you to follow, and very gentle for your baby to accept. May you have many moments full of love and joy with your well-rested kid!


Susan Urban

Matthew UrbanComment