3 Things To Do When Baby Naps

3 Things To Do When Baby Naps


When you’re a fresh mum, at some point you realize that your baby is napping pretty hard and you may actually DO things during those naps. That’s exciting discovery!

So what should you do? Of course, the first answer is ‚nap too’! If the first weeks, that’s probably exactly what you’re going to do. But later… I will tell you my 3 favorite things to do when baby naps.

Read a book

That’s it - reading a book. Whether it is going to be a traditional paper book or an e-book - it doesn’t matter. Type of a book also does not make a difference: criminal, romance… It may even be a baby guide of any kind. Or poetry!

The value is to have at least half an hour of uninterrupted reading to focus on something else than motherhood successfully.

Phone a friend

While pregnant you have a lot of time for your friends. But when the baby comes - it’s getting complicated to keep in touch with everyone you’d like. Nap schedule can help you with this.

Just make sure you’re not interrupting putting your friends’ baby to nap!

If it’s a middle-day nap and most of your friends are just busy, you can always write a longer message for them to respond later. Also, you can write a traditional letter! This of recipient’s surprise when receiving the mail.

Be crafty

Find yourself a crafty hobby! You can try coloring books, crocheting or knitting. There are millions of DIY tutorials online and tonnes of inspiration. Try a few different things to see what’s best for you.

Manual work is proven to lower stress level. Just remember to do this for your own pleasure - not to impress anyone!

As you can see - there are plenty of ideas on how to organize your time while baby’s napping. If you don’t feel like you can do that, maybe your baby isn’t napping well? Get my ‚How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone’ guide, check if you can improve those naps. Next steps - get some time for yourself!

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