Best Christmas Gifts For New Moms

Best Christmas Gifts For New Moms


Christmas is coming, and you have a new mom around to please? You want to give her something special, one of the best Christmas gifts for new moms but don’t know what exactly? The truth is - most moms buy what they need, and much more, during the pregnancy. But some things may make them happy.

Mom-themed accessories

Believe it or not - almost all moms are pretty proud of the new role and will appreciate mom-themed… anything! Mugs, bags, t-shirts. Seriously. It’s a bit of cliche but - as a mom - I must say it is a please to have those things. And it is kind of stuff you won’t buy for yourself. And your partner won’t think about it apparently!

Night-out coupons

At some point, there is this night new mom needs her time out! One of the best Christmas gifts for new moms is the possibility to spend a night out. It may be a massage coupon, or manicure service, theatre ticket - whatever she likes. If you want it to be more personal - you can make a handmade coupon for your „aunt service” for the evening!

If you know that the fresh mom is not ready for going out yet, you can arrange in-night-out for here. In big cities, there are on-demand beauty services you can order. That’s the perfect solution for the first weeks.

Gift card amazon

If you really don’t know what would be the best Christmas gift for new moms - but an Amazon gift card. Every mom in the world will find something she needs or wants on Amazon!

All-in-one Susan Urban’s guide

The great gift would also be a pack of guides to walk the new mom through the first months of parenthood: the breastfeeding, sleep training, pacifier weaning… and much more. If you buy „all-in-one” guide - your friend will receive an answer for any possible question she may have.

The best Christmas gifts for new moms are the broad topic, but I honestly believe that any position from the list will be widely appreciated.

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