Solid Foods for one-year-old: 10 Rules

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Solid foods for one-year-old may be a pickle for first-time parents. Twelve months is a time of change when a little one becomes more active and needs more energy. Therefore new meal ideas are required! Also, there are few things to remember, not to act too hastily. 

1. Five meals a day

Your baby needs three main meals a day and two snacks or small dishes. 

2. Variety of ingredients

Varied meals guarantee a higher intake of vitamins and minerals included in the diet. You should especially think about iron.

3. It is still a baby

They can eat most of the products now, although their body is not fully developed yet, you cannot cook the same food as for an adult at this point.

4. No frying

Every meal should be boiled, baked, or stewed. No frying allowed yet!

5. Spices

Rule of cooking without salt is also still required. Also, no seasonings needed or no dressings of any kind (even ketchup).

6. Servings

A one-year-old can know how much they should eat for meals - no need to persistently persuaded. Of course, there are exceptions!

7. Veggies and fruits

Almost every vegetables and fruits are allowed at this point. Although you need to remember that some of those are stuffed with sugar and consider meals timing well.

8. Not to processed

Reaching for cereal products, better use the whole-meal flour and bread, not highly processed pasta.

9. Don’t mix everything

Due to a still-developing digestive system - make meals simple. If you give your baby meat, keep it as a separate dish or put in the soup

10. Fish is good

Fish is advised to be served twice a week to a toddler.

If you still don’t feel well-prepared for the next stage, you will find much more information in my book: How to introduce solid foods to your baby. If you grab it now, you’ll use it for months!

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