Benefits of breastfeeding - 8 reasons you should give it a try

Breastfeeding is the most natural method of feeding. It is claimed to be best for you and the baby; the method recommended and supported by experts. If you are expecting and still hesitating if it really is the best option for you and your baby, I have gathered some facts that you should know, before making the final decision.

1. You take the best care of your child since the very beginning. Mother’s milk is supporting a child’s immune system, from the moment of birth.

2. You give your baby all the best ingredients. Breast milk contains some ingredients that you won’t find in a formula because those cannot be artificially produced.

3. You protect your little one from allergies. Your breastfed baby is less susceptible for allergies since mother’s milk does not contain allergens and simultaneously protects against other types of allergies.

4. You help your baby to make progress gaining muscles. Proper sucking develops an oral cavity since a baby uses more than forty muscles while being fed.

5. You take care of their future health. The study shows that breastfed kids are less likely to be obese and overweight as adults.

6. You look after your own sanity. Hormones secreted while breastfeeding has a positive effect on a mother’s mood, which may prevent postpartum depression.

7. You easily regenerate. Hormones are also supposed to help to heal in the postpartum period.

8. You do your best for yourself! As a breastfeeding mother, you seem to take more care of your diet, which is the good thing too.

And there is more! If you want to know even more benefits of breastfeeding – both for you and the baby – there is a chapter about it in my book “How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy”. You will also learn how to prepare for breastfeeding and what to be careful about.

Susan Urban

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