9 Sure-Fire Signs That It’s a Boy

You’re pregnant. The suspense is killing you. It’s going to be a life changing experience. But you’re stuck on one small detail: blue or pink. You want to know whether you’re having a girl or boy.

And until you get an ultrasound and ask the doctor to tell you the baby’s gender, it’s anyone’s guess if it’s a boy or girl.

The good news is that there are signs you’re having a boy. These signs, many of them a sure-fire way to know it’s a boy, have been the cornerstone of accurate predictions for centuries.

You don’t have to guess anymore if it’s a girl or boy.

Everyone asks themselves what gender their baby will be even though they’re just hoping for a happy, healthy baby to arrive. But your body goes through key changes that can be used to tell you if it’s a boy or girl.

These signs you’re having a boy have been a well-kept secret.


9 Signs You’re Having a Boy


1. Ultrasound Success

If you want to put any doubt out of your mind, an ultrasound is the absolute best way to tell if you’re having a boy or girl. A trained technician or doctor will take an ultrasound, also called an anatomy scan, putting your guessing game to rest.


But the ultrasound needs to be done half way through your pregnancy, so it’s quite a long time to wait.

You want to know your baby’s sex earlier, but there will always be a risk that the signs to come aren’t 100% accurate.


2. How the Woman is Carrying

The way a woman carries is also very important in predicting if it will be a boy or girl. You see, grandmothers have long been able to tell the sex of a child by the way the mother is carrying. This is an interesting way to predict a baby’s sex, but it’s also eerily accurate.

What is believed is that a woman will:

  • Carry low with a boy
  • Have a belly that looks like a basketball

For whatever reason, girls seem to carry much higher than boys. So, if the mother-to-be has a belly that is closer to the ground, it’s a boy.


3. Right Breast Grows Larger When It’s a Boy

You’re going to laugh at this one, but you know how you or a friend always seem to think that one breast is bigger than the other? Well, you’re not alone. Most women tend to think that their left breast is larger than their right breast.

And there are certainly times when this is true.

When a woman gets pregnant, the body will undergo a multitude of changes. One of the main changes is in the breast area. The breasts will grow, and they’ll also fill with breast milk. What happens that is quite interesting is that the right breast seems to grow larger than the left breast when it’s going to be a boy.

Growth doesn’t need to be substantial in this case.

Even a right breast that is just slightly bigger than the left breast will indicate that you’re going to have a boy.

Women will often stand naked in front of the mirror, looking at the size of their breasts to tell the gender of their baby.

A right breast that remains smaller than the left breast is an indicator that you’re likely going to have a baby girl entering your life.


4. Linea Nigra

The linea nigra is a great way to tell the sex of a baby, and it’s that dark line that runs down the belly of some women when they’re pregnant. Some people even call this the pregnancy line, and while it’s always there when a woman is pregnant, it’s not always visible.


A dark, visible line occurs during pregnancy, the linea nigra has a few signs that it’s a boy:

  • Lines that go to your rib cage often mean a boy
  • Broken lines mean a boy
  • Lines that aren’t straight mean it’s a boy

Medical in nature, the linea nigra is a great way of telling the gender of a baby, but just like any other method, it’s not 100% accurate.


5. Out of Control Acne

Your hormones are going to be off the charts when you’re pregnant. There’s no doubt about it. But what will also be happening is that you’ll start to break out all over your face. Yup, the dreaded acne that you had when you were a teenager will be back in full force.

The acne signs that are clear signs you’re having a boy are:

  • Acne occurs early on during pregnancy
  • Acne will not go away

This is especially true for women that have a beautiful complexion and no acne. When you’re having a boy, for whatever reason, they will make you have acne that will bring you back to your teenage years.

Don’t worry, a little acne is worth it when you’re having a healthy, happy baby.


6. Hello Nice, Fast-Growing Hair

Some women’s hair barely grow during pregnancy, and other women will have hair that grows really fast. It’s an interesting time in a woman’s life, and a lot of strange things will happen. Acne is almost never welcomed, but fast-growing hair, I’ll take it.


Boys seem to do something to a woman’s ability to grow hair.

When you’re having a boy, it seems like your hair will start to grow non-stop.

A neat little tale, and one with no concrete evidence, is that little girls will steal their mother’s beauty causing them to have slower growing hair. Boys on the other hand will enhance their mother’s beauty helping her grow hair that is longer, fuller and more beautiful than ever before.

So, if you notice your hair is outshining its former self, you may be expecting a baby boy!


7. Brrr. Your Hands and Feet are Cold

Cold hands and feet are normal for some people and abnormal for others. When you don’t normally have cold hands and feet, and then you do, this might be a sign of a baby boy coming into the world.


Put on gloves or socks if you don’t find any solace when trying to stay warm.

Move around and try to get the blood flowing, too. Oftentimes, all it takes is a little movement to be able to get your circulation moving and to warm up.

But when nothing seems to be working, it might just be a sign that you have a little boy that’s just waiting to come out of the womb.


8. Sleeping Positions Tell You a Lot

Your sleeping positions will change a lot when you’re pregnant. Fluids in the body, aches and pains will cause you to try out a lot of different positions. Sleeping may also become more difficult as the pregnancy progresses.

You’ll be tired and exhausted during some points in your pregnancy – it happens to every woman.


And comfort is going to be a key factor that you need to consider. The one neat thing is that the way you sleep can be an indicator of the child’s gender.

  • Women that suddenly sleep on their left side are often having a boy.

Of course, you may also be a person that prefers to sleep on their left side, so this may not have the same meaning for you. Just know that the way you sleep will have an impact on your blood flow, and women that do sleep on their left side tend to have baby boys.


9. Dark Urine is the Norm

Your urine color will tell you a lot about the state of your body. A woman will need to drink ample amounts of water to stay hydrated during pregnancy – this is a fact. You’ll see many women swell up, too, because they retain so much water when they’re pregnant.

But water also needs to come out in the form of urine.


When you go to the bathroom, check to see what color your urine is before flushing the toilet. Women will often note that the urine is excessively dark in color. Urine that is darker in color is a clear indicator that you’re having a baby boy.

Women will often do the “Drano check,” too.

One of the signs you’re having a boy is to pour Drano into your urine. If the color of the urine turns any of the following colors, it’s a sign that you’re having a boy:

  • Blue
  • Dark green
  • Brown
  • Black

source: https://www.checkpregnancy.com/signs-you-have-a-boy

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