Baby’s First Christmas - 4 Tips

Baby’s first Christmas - 4 tips


What a magical time it is! Baby’s first Christmas and your first Christmas as parents. Do you need any special preparation? There are some things to better think through before the celebration.


You will need more time! You won’t be able to prepare everything like in previous years. If you’re lucky - you will have nap-time for yourself. You may also succeed to interest your baby with some Christmas activities, like wrapping gifts in shiny papers with colorful ribbons; just give some to your baby to play with it. But with cooking and cleaning, you will need more time or… help. That’s right - your partner needs to do something more than ordering presents online. Give him a choice: playing with the baby or with Christmas cakes ;)


Most families have pretty strict Christmas dress-code, keeping the evening elegant. Don’t go crazy about it and I mean it both for you and the baby. Tiny suits look super cute, but a body with suit-like-print or blouse with Santa will be much better for the baby’s first Christmas. It’s a lot happening already. And you need to be comfortable too to take good care of your little one - crawling and asking for breastfeeding.


Baby’s first Christmas is not an easy time. You remember your little one loving the routine? This evening is right the opposite! Try to have a baby well-rested and remember to bring some favorite toys and blankets with you. Meeting new people might be stressful for the baby. You may also skip on Santa’s visit! Baby won’t remember it anyway.


Babies can understand that something unusual is happening. If you’re at the table full of colorful food, it may seem very interesting. You can try to cook something special for your little one. If you need some tips on the menu - check How to introduce solid food to your baby guide. In this complete guide for extending baby’s diet - you’ll find all the products you may give to your baby each month. Probably the fish would be the best Christmas option.

And remember to stay calm, however much parenting advice from aunts and cousins you get. Just nod and relax. Your baby can sense when you’re angry or upset, and we don’t want that.

Susan Urban

Susan Urban

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