25 Disney-Inspired Baby Boy Names

The male characters in Disney animated films come in all shapes and forms, from people to crabs to cars, with equally diverse names ranging from ordinary to unique. Many of them fall somewhere in-between — names that may have been coined decades ago, but still sound fresh and usable for today’s baby boy. Here are our top 25 picks.



Andy is the boy from Toy Story, proud owner of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. The nickname is a variant of the popular Andrew and Anthony. Its definition is “manly” but the shortened form has a boyish charm that appeals to the young-at-heart. People who’ve chosen to be known as Andy rather than Andrew in popular culture are Andy Warhol, Andy Roddick and Andy Dick.



In Disney/Pixar’s 2003 film Finding Nemo, Bruce is the great white shark who, despite sporting multiple rows of dangerously sharp teeth, is actually a friendly vegetarian. The name was made famous by Scottish king Robert Bruce and is a popular choice for boys in Scotland. Though not as prominent in the U.S., the name has garnered its fair share of attention through American celebrities Bruce Springsteen and Bruce Willis. Of course, there’s also legendary comic book superhero Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman.



Chip is the more logical and clever of the two chipmunks in Disney’s Chip ‘n’ Dale. A pet name for Charles, it is rarely used as a first name, though people still use it as a nickname. Chris O’Donnell named his son Christopher Eugene, but informally calls him Chip. Baseball player Larry Wayne Jones, Jr. is better known by his nickname Chipper Jones. The more formal Charles has been a popular royal name since the Middle Ages and has been in the top 100 names since 1880.



Christopher Robin is the sweet, friendly boy who’s best friends with Winnie the Pooh. Christopher connotes a good, noble quality, which may be why it’s considered an evergreen classic. It currently holds the #13 spot in the rankings. Chris is its most common nickname but Kit, Kip, or Topher are additional, quirkier options.



Dale may not be the sharpest chipmunk in the woodshed, but he is the fun-loving and carefree half of the Chip ‘n’ Dale duo. The name Dale comes from the Old English word dael and means “valley” or “dweller in the valley.” Famous people with the name are success guru Dale Carnegie and racecar driver Dale Earnhardt.



Donald is best known as the short-tempered and angry duck in Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoons. The commanding and confident name means “great chief” and “ruler of the world.” It had its heyday in the 1930s and currently ranks #377 on the list of boys’ names. Legendary actor Donald Sutherland, Ocean’s Eleven star Don Cheadle and real estate tycoon Donald Trump all add to the powerful aura of the name.



Finn McMissile is a crafty British master spy in Cars 2. This jaunty Irish name, associated with the great Celtic mythological hero Finn MacCool, is currently on fire, having jumped 535 places since 2000 -- and is trailed by cousins Finnegan, Finlay/Finley and Flynn. Cool celeb couple Christy Turlington and Ed Burns named their son Finn. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s the name of one of the leading characters on Glee.



Voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jim Hawkin is the protagonist in Disney’s Treasure Planet. Jim is the short form of the Biblical name James, which means “he who supplants” in Hebrew and has been popularized by influential men such as President Jimmy Carter, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Carrey.



Max Schnell is a race car in Cars 2. Max was transformed from gin-rummy grandpa to gurgling baby name in the 1980s, and is now at its peak of popularity, along with longer forms Maxwell, Maxen, Maximilian and Maximus (a horse in Tangled). Max has long been a celebrity fave -- the latest is Christina Aguilera’s son. Skater Scott Hamilton doubled the X-factor by naming his son Maxx. Warning: Max is the top name choice for dogs.



Mickey Mouse is the most iconic character in Disney history and a friend to kids of all ages. Mickey is a pluckier version of Michael, which is currently #3 on the charts but held the #1 spot for years. The nickname is not all that common but some people like Mickey Rourke (born Philip Andre Rourke, Jr.) and Mickey Rooney (born Joseph Yule, Jr.) choose to go by it -- whether they were born with the name Michael or not!


Milo has leading roles in the two Disney Atlantis films: The Lost Empire and Milo’s Return. A jaunty Anglo-Irish import, also with ties to ancient Greece, Milo is a favorite with celebrities and rising in popularity. Its energy and debonair charm have brought it into the top 500, and onto the birth certificates of the sons of Liv Tyler and Sherry Stringfield.


Oliver is the homeless kitten hero of the 1988 Oliver & Company, an animated twist on Oliver Twist. Although not nearly as trendy as Olivia, which is the fourth most popular name in the U.S., Oliver is finally catching on here, after being number one in England. Oliver is energetic and stylish, with such notable namesakes as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Oliver Hardy, Oliver Stone and Oliver Twist, not to mention a Harry Potter character.



Peter is the forever boy in J.M. Barrie’s original play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up and Disney’s film Peter Pan. Peter is a classic that hasn’t become too trendy. It currently places #192 on the popularity chart with Pete and the affable Petey for its nicknames. For an international spin, try the Italian Piero or Pietro versions.



In Ratatouille, Remy is the French rat hero with ambitions of becoming a great chef. The character was named for the dog of director Brad Bird. Remy jumped onto the popularity list in 2009, a couple of years after the film’s release, and is trending up. The related-in-sound-only Romy is also climbing for girls, chosen by both Matt Lauer and Sofia Coppola.


Rex is a large but insecure green plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex in all three Toy Story movies. Rex means king in Latin, and the name does have a regal simplicity, with the added dash of a final X. Its most prominent bearer was My Fair Lady star Rex Harrison, who prompted the label “Sexy Rexy” -- something you may or may not want applied to your son. Coldplay’s Will Champion named one of his twins Rex.



Russell is the exuberant little Scout in Disney/Pixar’s 2009 movie Up. The literal meaning of the name Russell is “red-haired” but that doesn’t always match up in real life. Russell has been popularized by celebrities such as Russell Crowe and Russell Brand. Cute nicknames for Russell are Russ and Rusty.



Sebastian is a red crab with a captivating Caribbean accent in The Little Mermaid. This somewhat dramatic British name has a long and substantial history, including the third-century martyred saint often depicted in paintings, and colorful characters in Shakespeare and in Brideshead Revisited. James Spader has a grown son named Sebastian.


Terence is the kind and helpful male fairy in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. It is also the name of the great poet of ancient Rome, Terentius, from which the English version originates. Terrence and Terrance are popular alternate spellings for the name — both more common than the original Terence. Terrence Howard and Terrance Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan) both sport these modified renditions.



In Dumbo, Timothy is a circus mouse who serves as Dumbo’s sidekick and mentor. The name has religious roots and means “honoring God” in Greek. Charles Dickens used it for his beloved character Tiny Tim in his work A Christmas Carol. Timmy is also an endearing nickname. Timoteo or Timo are its Spanish versions.



Woody is the heroic cowboy action figure in the Disney/Pixar Toy Story series. A shortened form of the formal-sounding English name, Woodrow, Woody is playful and humorous. Famous people who don the happy moniker are Woody Allen, who legally changed his name to Heywood at 17, and Woody Harrelson. Musician Norman “Fatboy Slim” Cook also named his first son Woody Fred.


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