Explore 7 tips for surviving your toddler’s first haircut

You never know what you’ll expect when your toddler gets their first haircut. Here are some ways you can prepare.

1. Bring a change of clothes.
Your toddler may refuse to wear the cape, or may wiggle around and get hair into his clothes — having hair down his back is going to make him cranky for the rest of the day.

2. Don’t use force.
Trying to restrict your child’s movement is likely to lead to even more squirming.

3. If your child uses a pacifier, bring it.
A familiar toy that will keep her hands occupied while her hair is being cut may help. “Those little linking rings and toys that make noises when shaken are good choices,” Trant says.

4. Bring snacks.
This will keep your child’s hands busy — but don’t bring anything sticky (like a lollipop).

5. Bring along a container of bubble-blowing liquid.
Use it to blow bubbles near your child’s face as the stylist works. Check with the stylist first, though.

6. Take breaks.
Be prepared to take a break halfway through, or even a couple of breaks.

7. Bring extra people if you can.
An entertaining older sibling may be just the thing to keep your toddler happy — or maybe Mommy can make funny faces or Grandpa can provide some live entertainment with his rendition of “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”



Matthew UrbanComment